It's Okay To Be Lazy Sometimes

March 28, 2019 Lifestyle by Abdolrahman

We, humans of the 21st century, are working and studying more in comparison with any other of our ancestors. Technology has taken over the world and it is constantly altering our everything by a lightning speed. We just have to work harder to adapt ourselves to the ever-changing world, but we sometimes get tired and just want to have a lazy day. Actually, what we need to know is that it is okay to be lazy sometimes.
Humans are not robots!

First of all, humans are not robots. As a result, we have a limited amount of cognitive resources and energy. We use our resources on everything so spontaneously and unconsciously that we don't even realize it. Consequently, we may neglect the fact that these resources are limited and need to be charged up again so that we can use them in our everyday life whether it be at school, university or at work. If we take for granted our necessity to take some time to just do nothing and relax to regain back our energy and cognitive resources, we would probably end up not being very productive and even in the long run we may be predisposed to mental disorders like depression and over tiredness that straightly comes from our tired soles and hearts.

Celebrate and to overlook the shortcomings!

Furthermore, some folks are really strict on doing everything according to their plans. They try to have plans for everything and if they don't happen to cross every task on their calendar for the day, they end up feeling guilty and sad. I personally admire these people that really are hard working and try to have everything under their control, but honestly, control is a delusion. I mean, it is not possible to predict everything that might happen in a day. Just knowing that you spent your day by doing something productive and meaningful must be more than enough to you to celebrate and to overlook the shortcomings that might have interfered your plans for the day.

Move slowly but constantly!

Overall, to be successful we all have to work toward our goals and bear many responsibilities. I understand that these days making the ends meet has never been harder. But again remember that we have to keep working and studying for a long time and it is better to move slowly but constantly than to have a considerable leap and then be exhausted and not be able to continue anymore.