Being Miles Away

February 20, 2019 Lifestyle by Abdolrahman

Being miles away from home and family, you will get away from your comfort zone, and that is when stress, pressure, and difficulties come to you.

What you need to bear in mind is that you are not the only one who has chosen this path and got away from his or her beloved ones to seek a new life or to do business in a strange land. Many other people even in the old days that transportations were not as fast and as convenient as today had gone through this.


We, humans, evolve inside with time, it actually happens gradually in a way that we don't even sometimes notice it. Changing is necessary for us, humans, as it makes us contemplate and adapt ourselves with the new situations that life presents to us. A life with no obstacles and with a very routine scheme is only favorable for elder ones who have gone through a lot of things in their entire life and now seek a quiet lifestyle to rest and to die in peace. Young people may sometimes wish for a steady and easy lifestyle like that from time to time when they get tired of everyday chores but deep down this isn't really what they wanted. It's just a temporary runaway daydream. These obstacles and problems that we dealt with change us for good and makes us stronger in most cases and prepares us for even harder ones that may come to us in the future. If we don't change and just be the same or act the same when challenges get presented to us we won't grow. By growing I mean that we can feel that we are stronger physically and mentally to do more challenges.


Now by looking back at your life when you decided to make a change and move to somewhere else you should have had some goals to fulfill. By constantly reminding yourself of your goals you won't get distracted and disheartened by the problems that you may face in your transition days. Stay focused and work hard toward your aims. Don't let the overwhelming feeling of sadness and homesickness and weirdness of a new environment gets to you.